DarkStar® 9


The DarkStar® 9 is Elite Prime Vision®’s newest Ambient Light Rejecting front projection screen. The DarkStar® 9 possesses very similar characteristics of our award winning 1.4 gain DarkStar® but now offers a wider viewing angle and a very close to unity gain without the compromise of ambient light rejection, contrast enhancement, resolution, and color accuracy.

As opposed to the 1.4 gain material of the original DarkStar® material, the DarkStar® 9 tones down the reflective brightness to .9 gain so that it may further enhance color temperature to more optimal performance levels with a wider viewing angle. Although both DS materials boast D65 color neutrality, the DarkStar® 9 sacrifices the extra brightness to improve its color balance.

Key Features

  • Wide viewing angle - Allows viewers to spread out and watch image from any angle without compromising picture quality
  • DarkStar® 9 material absorbs 95% of ambient light from above and below
  • Active filters absorb ambient light from above – Does not reflect back as non-optical screens do and produce a washout effect
  • 6x contrast increase over standard matte white screens
  • Best in-class able to produce deep black levels
  • Uniformity across entire screen surface with no color shift, texture, bright spots, or dark corners
  • Color accurate: Complies with SPMTE .004 standards in dark room environments
  • 4K Ultra HD, Active 3D, and HDR Ready
  • Black backing prevents light penetration
  • Available in diagonal sizes 110” and 123” in 16:9 or 140” and 157” in 2.40:1 aspect ratio
  • Certified by the Imaging Science Foundation (ISF)

The listed measurements are for general reference only. Please contact EPV® Screens to verify product design and dimensions before attempting to integrate its products with any structural or furniture modification. Although a manufacturer may offer product advice, it may be taken or disregarded at the integrator’s discretion. EPV® Screens will not be held responsible or be otherwise liable for faulty installations.


DarkStar® 9 Series Dimensions Table

Unit: inch

Model Number Nominal Diagonal Overall Length (A) View Width (A1) Overall Height (B) View Height (B1) Frame Width (C) Frame Height (D)
DS110H-ISF 110" (16:9) 103.1 95.2 61.4 53.5 3.9 1.7
DS123H-ISF 123" (16:9) 115.0 107.1 68.1 60.2 3.9 1.7
DS140C-ISF 140" (2.35:1) 136.4 128.5 61.4 53.5 3.9 1.7
 DS157C-ISF 157" (2.35:1) 152.4 144.6 68.1 60.2  3.9 1.7


Unit: mm

Model Number Nominal Diagonal Overall Length (A) View Width (A1) Overall Height (B) View Height (B1) Frame Width (C) Frame Height (D)
DS110H-ISF 110" (16:9) 2618 2418 1560 1360 100 43
DS123H-ISF 123" (16:9) 2920 2720 1730 1530 100 43
DS140C-ISF 140" (2.35:1) 3464 3264 1560 1360 100 43
 DS157C-ISF 157" (2.35:1)  3872 3672 1730 1530 100  43 


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Q: The DarkStar® 9 material specification indicates a 1.5:1 minimum lens throw ratio.  If the lens throw ratio was less than 1.5 what would be the result?

A: The recommended minimum lens throw ratio is set for the following reasons

1. Hot-spotting - Hot-spotting will occur the closer the projector's light is to the material 

2. Light absortion -  The angle of incident light is too steep and will get absorbed by the opitcal lenses. This will create a very dim image and affect the overall picture quality.

DarkStar® 9 Series Model Numbers

Model Number Nominal Diagonal View Height (in) View Width (in) View Height (cm) View Width (cm) Aspect Ratio Screen Material Gain Frame Width
DS110H-ISF 110" 53.5 95.2 136.0 241.8 16:9 DarkStar® 9 0.9 3.9"
DS123H-ISF 123" 60.2  107.1  153.0  272.0  16:9 DarkStar® 9 0.9 3.9"
DS140C-ISF 140" 53.5  128.5  136.0  326.4  2.40:1 DarkStar® 9 0.9 3.9"
DS157C-ISF 157" 60.2 144.6 153.0 367.2 2.40:1 DarkStar® 9 0.9 3.9"

DarkStar® Filter technology

The DarkStar® screen technology relies on optical filters within the material to reflect only the projector's direct light. At the same time, these filters essentially "absorb" the ambient light by depriving it of an adequate angle of reflectivity. (see image below)

Dark Ambient Light Rejecting ScreenMaterail
  • Retro-reflective imaging properties
  • Serrated reflective cross-structure absorbs 95% of ambient luminosity, while reflecting direct projected light back with concentrated brightness ata narrower half-gain cone.
  • Improves contrast ratios up to 20 times more than a standard matte white material performance with ambient light.


The active optical lens filter system allows the DarkStar® screen material to filter out ambient light. It does this by reflecting only direct light in a retro-reflective format. The serrated cross-section design of the reflective filter disburses ambient light rather than reflect it. That is how the DarkStar® is able to maintain brightness despite room brightness levels. Standard projection screen materials cannot achieve such results.


DarkStar® color reproduction

The DarkStar® material has a tinted diffusion layer to enhance black levels for high contrast ratios while maintaining a neutral color balance for the highly reflective filter. There is no shift in colors within the half-gain cone; black levels are clear and defined while white levels have the color neutrality essential for a great visual performance. Screen materials with tints typically do not have accurate color reproduction and are not the best for projector calibration; the DarkStar® is.

Projector placement

DarkStar® key guidelines for optimum performance

1. Projector must be 1.5 or greater than the width of the screen – minimum lens throw
2. Projector must be within ± 5 degrees vertical (see diagram below)
3. Ambient light must not come from the same direction as the projector’s light

Note: Do not install the projector at an angle that is greater than 5° off the vertical axis from the screen.  The ambient light filtration layer in the material is designed to absorb off-axis light rather than reflect it.