Case Study: The Ridge Theater (TYM) 2018


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Installer or End-user: Brad Montgomery, Creative Director/Media Contact

Company Name: TYM Smart Homes & Home Theaters

Location: 9284 South 300 West Sandy, Utah 84070 USA

Projector Used: Sony ES375 4K Video Projector

Product: EPV Screens Prime Vision ISF- SE150H2-ISF

TYM Homes- Prime Vision ISF

Every masterpiece begins with a blank canvas. From the humble beginnings a dream-worthy cinema shall emerge. This photo was taken during the process of sound-proofing, wiring and preparing for installing the ceiling and what will become an amazing star-scape.

TYM Homes- Prime Vision ISF

At first, they look like tiny vines dropping from a stormy sky as the ceiling takes form. The end result is a spectacular room that will accommodate a very well researched array of audio-visual gear.

Let there be light! A beautiful galaxy is the end result of fiber optics and artistic know how. This beautiful ceiling bathes the senses in a full-immersion effect that makes the room an amazing experience even before the show begins.

The finished product is truly out of this world. Careful research on behalf of the installer and customer has resulted in the perfect combination of surround-sound, projector, and a world-class ISF certified projection screen.

TYM Homes- Prime Vision ISF

Main Article:

What typically begins as a basic request for a simple theater can rapidly evolve into a quest for an environment that is best described as the stuff of dreams. In the case of this installation in Sandy, Utah by TYM Smart Homes & Home Theaters, the challenge was accepted for the perfect environment for gaming and residential cinema.

Of course, the latest 4K theater with Dolby Atmos immersive audio was requested and granted. The promise of a unique star ceiling had everyone on board and the dream began to take form.
It took 3-months to research the right speakers and gear which TYM was happy to accommodate. It was essential that the right sound system, projector and screen brought this dream world together.

The final selection involved a Sony 365ES 4K projector, Anthem receiver with white Revel Floor Standing Speakers. However, the screen had to be scientifically designed, tested, and proven to handle the absolute best in video performance. The Prime Vision ISF by EPV Screens proved to fulfill this need. The 150” screen comes in a 16:9 (HDTV) aspect ratio that matches perfectly with the Sony projector’s native format. It provides a larger-than-life image with wide diffusion uniformity so that everyone in the room will share in an equally bright image. The material is ISF certified by the world-renowned Imaging Science Foundation for its superb maintenance of color temperature, contrast, and black/white dynamic range. In addition to this, the material is 4K/UHD compliant meaning it can present a sharp clear image from the highest resolution projectors on the market today. If you are going to pay for the best in projector performance, it’s essential that you pair it with a projection screen that will enhance the performance, not hinder it.

TYM Homes- Prime Vision ISF

The end result is an out of this world experience that surpasses the quality of commercial theaters and takes home gaming to a level never before imagined.

Observations from EH Magazine:
(Excerpt from EH article ‘Let the 4K Movies and Games Begin!’ by Lisa Montgomery – July 5, 2018)

Tym made sure connect it to the Sony 4K projector in the theater through a dongle. The PC is stowed neatly with the rest of the equipment in a custom-built equipment rack. For flexibility, Tym enabled the PC, projector and mouse and keyboard to communicate both wirelessly and via cabling. “The shell of this room is concrete, so wireless can be finicky,” notes Montgomery. “Having a wired connection provided the homeowner with a reliable backup.”

TYM Homes- Prime Vision ISF

A tap of a button on a Control4 remote kickstarts the projector and PC, and the owner is instantly immersed in the action. A 150-inch screen from Elite Prime Vision presents the video; an Anthem receiver, 11 Revel speakers and two Revel subwoofers immerse the room in Dolby Atmos audio. Aside from the Sony projector, the Revel speakers topped his must-have list. After auditioning several speaker combinations at the TYM showroom, he fell in love with the audio performance and the modern cosmetics of the white floor standing speakers. “It’s probably the most any client of ours has ever researched the demoed equipment,” Montgomery remarks.

About the Prime Vision ISF Projection Screen:
The Prime Vision ISF Series by EPV Screens is a new series that brings reference quality to your installations with a minimal turnaround time and at a cost that will increase your profit without sacrificing quality.

TYM Homes- Prime Vision ISF

The screen’s design features ISF certified projection material on a 2.4” aluminum, hand-wrapped velveteen frame. The ChromaWhite ISF front projection screen material is ISF Certified to provide top-tier performance. It gives accurate color rendition that exceeds the requirements of videophile purists as well as the industry’s most discriminating integrators. The ChromaWhite ISF material has a 1.25 Gain reflectivity level in addition to a very wide viewing angle. It is crafted specifically for environments that have controlled lighting such as dedicated home theaters and media rooms.

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