EDGE FREE® Fixed Frame Screen

DarkStar® UST eFinity (EDGE FREE)


CE Pro 2018 BEST Award


EPV® Screens’ latest ambient light rejecting offering is an ultra-short throw screen that absorbs up to 95% of overhead light. The DarkStar® UST is a multi-layer optical front projection material designed for bottom placement, ultra-short throw projectors. The ultra-short throw design allows high lumen projectors to maximize light output which results in flat panel display picture quality, uniformity and brightness.

With its innovative, award-winning EDGE FREE® design, the surface material wraps around the frame to maximize viewing area.

CEDIA 2017- EPV Screens® Demos DarkStar® UST eFinity Projection Screen

CEDIA 2016 EPV® Screens Showcases the Dark Star® UST eFinity Projection Screen

EPV Screens® and Sony Interview at CEDIA 2017

Screen Material

  • DarkStar® UST ambient light rejecting ultra-short throw material
  • Absorbs up to 95% of overhead lighting
  • Multi-layer optical structure filters out ambient light
  • Wide diffusion uniformity allows viewers to enjoy a clear and bright picture from any angle
  • 0.5 Gain with 180° viewing angle
  • Black material improves contrast while maintaining a neutral color balance
  • 4K Ultra HD, Active 3D, and HDR Ready

Design and Installation

  • EDGE FREE® Fixed Frame is lightweight with a split-frame design
  • Ultra-thin black bezel trim maximizes viewing area
  • Designed for bottom placement ultra-short throw projectors
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Material Tip

Proper Projector Placement for DarkStar® UST

The DarkStar® USTis exclusively for table-mounted ultra-short throw projectors as illustrated in example 1 below. Overhead placement or a standard projector will make the image very dark, on account of the screen’s absorbent layer deflecting light that is not aligned with its reflective angle.

Example 1: Proper Projector Installation

Example 2: Improper Projector Installation

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