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The new Prime Vision ISF Series by EPV Screens® brings reference-grade performance to your home theater or media room.

The screen’s design features ISF certified matte white projection material on an aluminum, hand-wrapped velveteen frame. As the name suggests, EPV’s ChromaWhite ISF front projection screen material is fully ISF Certified to provide top-tier performance. It gives accurate color rendition that exceeds the requirements of the highest broadcast quality standards as well as the industry’s most discriminating integrators. The ChromaWhite ISF material has a 1.25 Gain reflectivity level in addition to a very wide viewing angle. It is crafted specifically for environments that have controlled lighting such as dedicated home theaters and media rooms.

EPV Screens® Prime Vision ISF, Fixed Frame Projection Screen

How to Install SE Prime Vision ISF Fixed Frame

How to Assemble SE Prime Vision ISF Fixed Frame

Screen Material

  • ChromaWhite ISF tensioned matte white material with 1.25 Gain
  • Wide 180° Viewing angle with diffusion uniformity reflects a bright image across the entire surface for superior off-axis performance
  • Black-backing eliminates light penetration for added brightness
  • 4K/8K Ultra HD, HDR Ready
  • Certified by the Imaging Science Foundation (ISF) for accurate color points, dynamic range, and color temperature
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

Design and Installation

  • Fixed-frame tensioned projection screen
  • Lightweight Aluminum split-frame design for cost effective transport and easy room access
  • Sliding wall mount brackets are horizontally adjustable
  • Hand-wrapped velveteen on a thick aluminum framework
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Prime Vision ISF Models

Model Number Nominal Diagonal Aspect Ratio Viewable Area (HxW) Screen Material Gain Frame Width
SE110H3-ISF 110″ 16:9 53.9″x95.9″ ChromaWhite 1.25 2.2″
SE120H3-ISF 120″ 16:9 58.7″x104.7″ ChromaWhite 1.25 2.4″
SE135H3-ISF 135″ 16:9 66.1″x117.7″ ChromaWhite 1.25 2.2″
SE150H3-ISF 150″ 16:9 73.6″x130.7″ ChromaWhite 1.25 2.4″
SE165H3-ISF 165″ 16:9 80.9″x143.8″ ChromaWhite 1.25 2.4″
SE180H3-ISF 180″ 16:9 88.2″x156.9″ ChromaWhite 1.25 2.4″
SE138C3-ISF 138″ 2.35:1 54.1″x127.2″ ChromaWhite 1.25 2.4″
SE158C3-ISF 158″ 2.35:1 62.0″x145.6″ ChromaWhite 1.25 2.4″

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5-year limited warranty

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