EPV® Internet Policy

EPV Screens® series products are ONLY sold through a national network of authorized dealers and are not made available to any internet sellers. Authorized EPV® dealers have the knowledge and training to recommend the product(s) that best meet your needs and to install those products so that you’ll enjoy their maximum performance.

If you should ever encounter an internet reseller offering EPV® then the products they are selling are likely used, damaged, stolen, or fake. Please consider contacting a local dealer for your purchase.

EPV® factory warranties* are only valid on products purchased from an authorized dealer. Our factory warranty is void if:

  • You purchase an EPV® product from unauthorized dealer or any internet site.
  • You purchase a EPV® product with a serial number that has been removed, defaced or changed.

Elite Screens recommends that you verify if the dealer you’re considering is an authorized EPV® dealer contacting our regional sales representatives as listed on the Contact Us page.