Acoustically Transparent Matte White Fixed Frame Screen

AcousticPro 4K eFinity (EDGE FREE)


EH home of the year 2015 Gold Winner

The AcousticPro 4K eFinity Series is an acoustically transparent EDGE FREE® fixed frame screen by EPV Screens. The ultra-thin bezel design reduces the overall footprint and maximizes the viewing area. It utilizes our award-winning AcousticPro 4K front projection material, which has a sheer weave design specifically crafted to improve both audio and visual performance. It reduces light loss while allowing sound to breathe through minimal attenuation. The tight angled perforations negate the formation of moiré effect which is typically encountered on most sound transparent screen materials. The AcousticPro 4K eFinity is the perfect compliment to a dedicated home theater when speakers need to be hidden behind the screen.

AcousticPro 4K eFinity Assembly and Installation

EPV Screens® AcousticPro 4K eFinity Product Video

 Screen Material

  • AcousticPro 4K Acoustically Transparent Matte White (sheer weave) projection screen material
  • 4K Ultra HD, Active 3D, HDR Ready
  • Black cloth backing attached behind AcousticPro 4K eliminates back-lighting (reflection)
  • Mean attenuation of -3.06 at 8K – 20 kHz
  • Wide 180° viewing angle uniformly reflects a bright image across entire surface with superior off-axis performance
  • Available in diagonal sizes:
    • 100”/110”/120”/135”/ and 150” in 16:9 aspect ratio
    • 125″/138″ and 158″ in 2.35:1 aspect ratio

Design and Installation

  • EDGE FREE® design maximizes the viewing area in a smaller footprint
  • Internal framework with wraparound tensioned projection material
  • Micro-thin aluminum black bezel
  • Spring and grommet attachment system holds material over frame allowing a flat and taut tensioned projection surface
  • Lightweight split-frame (6 pc) design is cost effective for shipping and provides easy access to install sites
  • Assembles and installs in minutes
  • LED edge backlighting kit included with remote for added visual appearance
  • Sliding wall mount ensure precision on-axis alignment
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Acoustic Pro4K eFinity Fixed Frame Models

Model Number Nominal Diagonal Aspect Ratio Viewable Area Screen Material Gain Frame Width
EF100H-A4K 100″ 16:9 49.4″x87.6″ AcousticPro 4K 1.1 0.4″
EF110H-A4K 110″ 16:9 53.7″x95.6″ AcousticPro 4K 1.1 0.4″
EF120H-A4K 120″ 16:9 58.5″x104.3″ AcousticPro 4K 1.1 0.4″
EF135H-A4K 135″ 16:9 65.9″x117.4″ AcousticPro 4K 1.1 0.4″
EF150H-A4K 150″ 16:9 73.3″x130.5″ AcousticPro 4K 1.1 0.4″
EF125C-A4K 125″ 2.35:1 48.9″x115.0″ AcousticPro 4K 1.1 0.4″
EF138C-A4K 138″ 2.35:1 54.0″x127.0″ AcousticPro 4K 1.1 0.4″
EF158C-A4K 158″ 16:9 62.0″x145.6″ AcousticPro 4K 1.1 0.4″

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