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  • AcousticPro 8K

    AcousticPro 8K

    An acoustically transparent fine-weaved triple-layer projection material with black backing attached. The material is designed for Ultra-HD projectors to provide the best projection surface for dedicated home theaters. It has earned the world-renowned ISF Certification for providing a flat spectral response and rendering accurate colors in a dark room environment.

    Product Availability: AcousticPro 8K eFinity

  • AcousticPro-4K

    AcousticPro-4K has an ultra-white front projection screen surface with a 1.1 gain that provides excellent color neutrality for superb color reproduction and wide diffusion uniformity. The perforated weave is designed to handle 4K (4096×2160) and 1080P (1920×1080) projectors while eliminating the visual artifact know as the moire effect. The dense mesh of the material with its ultra-fine perforations creates a projection canvas that almost identically resembles our best-selling and award winning CineWhite material. The virtual absence of the acoustic perforations means sound is not compromised and a clear sonic transparency is achieved.

    Product Availability: Special Edition A4K, Peregrine A4K and Curve A4K

  • ChromaWhite


    ChromaWhite is EPV®’s reference tensioned matte white screen material specially formulated to provide diffusion uniformity with accurate color reproduction for a flat spectral response. The ChromaWhite material excels at producing an exceptional projection image with its ability to be tensioned to achieve a superb flat surface. Controlled room lighting is ideal and is compatible with all projector technologies. Enjoy true color rendition exactly how the director intended it to be seen.

    Product AvailabilityPeregrine ISF and Peregrine ISF eFinity

  • CineWhite 2

    CineWhite® 2

    CineWhite® 2 (Tension Matte White) has broad light dispersion through diffusion uniformity, black & white contrast and true color rendition making it the most versatile in EPV®’s tensions screen product lines. This tension PVC surface is the best choice for today’s high-contrast ratio projectors in commercial or residential presentations. The CineWhite® 2 material equals the performance to our MaxWhite® FG product, but improves the experience with the superior surface flatness. Uniform diffusion surface has black-backing to eliminate light penetration and is easily washable with mild soap and water.

    Product AvailabilityPeregrine HD2

  • DarkStar


    EXCITE Winner

    The DarkStar® is a professionally engineered Ambient Light-Rejecting front projection material. It incorporates optical filters that actively reflect image while preventing indirect or ambient light from “washing out” the picture. The 0.3mm thick retro-reflective material has been designed specifically for the home theater environment. With the sublime balance, contrast and viewing angle, the DarkStar® brings a hard-hitting performance to both well-lit or dark room.
    Min. Throw Distance 1.8x image width

     Product Availability: DarkStar®

  • DarkStar® 9

    DarkStar® 9

    CEpro 2016 best winner TechHome Sound & Vision

    The DarkStar® 9 is EPV Screens® newest Ambient Light Rejecting front projection screen. The DarkStar® 9 possesses very similar characteristics of our award winning 1.4 gain DarkStar® but now offers a wider viewing angle and a very close to unity gain without the compromise of ambient light rejection, contrast enhancement, resolution, and color accuracy.

    Min. Throw Distance 1.5x image width

  • DarkStarUST

    DarkStar® UST

    The DarkStar® UST is a ceiling light-rejecting front projection material designed specifically for tabletop-mounted ultra-short-throw projectors. The  DarkStar® UST features a multi-layer optical lens structure that absorbs off-axis light from above while providing a clear image. This allows the picture to be free from washing out the projected image.

    Product AvailabilityDarkStar® UST eFinity

  • DarkStar UST 2

    DarkStar® UST 2

    The DarkStar® UST 2 is a multi-layer optical front projection material designed for bottom placement, ultra-short throw projectors. The ultra-short throw design allows high lumen projectors to maximize light output which results in flat panel display picture quality, uniformity, and brightness.

    Product AvailabilityDarkStar® UST 2 eFinity

  • MaxWhite® FG

    MaxWhite® FG

    MaxWhite® FG is fiber glass backed for added stiffness which provides the flattest possible non-tensioned screen surfac with universal applications. This material has uniform diffusion while giving precise definition, color reproduction and black & white contrast. The screen surface has a black-backing to eliminate light penetration. It is mildew resistant and washable with mild soap and water. *Manufacturer tip: This is an enhanced matte white product for higher end DLP-LCD projectors. It is suitable for commercial or residential presentations.

    Product AvailabilityPowerMax Pro 2 and EPVMAX

  • PolarStar

    Polar Star®

    TWICE 2016 best winner TechHome Products of the year 2015 Excite_winnerlogo_2015

    Polar Star® is an angular-reflective, Ambient-Light Rejecting material which provides superb contrast levels, amazing color balance and just the right gain for either a regular 2-dimension or full-inmersion 3D presentation. This screen material is ideal for high-ambient light conditions in home entertainment and commercial applications.  The Silver-grey protective surface coating is a reflective compound that is textured to ensure proper depth for use in 3D presentations.

    Product Availability: Polar Star® and Polar Star® eFinity

  • SonicWhite


    The SonicWhite is an acoustically transparent (AT) Ultra-Hi-Def projection screen material. Its sonic ability is designed to complement in-wall speakers while allowing sound to pass through the material with minimal attenuation. It accomplishes superior video performance with negligible loss in sound propagation due to its tight weave 0.9 gain fabric.

    Product Availability: PowerMax Sonic