EPV® Launches its ISF Certified DarkStar® eFinity EDGE FREE® Projection Screen

DarkStar® eFinity

The DarkStar® eFinity is the new flagship product of EPV® Screens. It represents the absolute pinnacle of ambient light rejecting screen technology. The DarkStar® material achieves this using an advanced retro-reflective, micro-structured optical filter that is capable of a 95% rejection rate of in-room ambient light. The result is a stunning, ISF-Certified color balance, the deepest possible black levels, an astonishing degree of detail and clarity in a full 180 degree viewing angle. It’s near unity .9 gain characteristic means it can be used with a wide light-output array of home theater projectors.

Aesthetically it includes a sleek, 9mm thick ‘edge free’ frame that will blend seamlessly with any home décor. Each screen also includes a variable color and mode LED backlighting kit that allows your screen to serve as a stylish source of environmental mood lighting when not in use.

This product is acclaimed by industry experts and comes priced at 25-30% less than the competing brands. Winner of the prestigious CTA “Mark of Excellence” 2016 Product of the Year Award and highly acclaimed by numerous industry video experts, the DarkStar® eFinity sets a new benchmark in front projection screens

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