The EPV Screens DarkStar® UST 2 eFinity is Reviewed by ProjectorReviews.com

EPV Screens DarkStar® UST 2 eFinity Review

123″ EPV Screens DarkStar® UST 2 eFinity projection screens

The EPV Screens DarkStar® UST 2 eFinity is an ambient light rejecting screen designed for ultra-short projectors. This 123-inch 16:9 screen has a gain of 0.8 and it can reject up to 85% of overhead lighting making it a great option for many Laser TVs.

I previously doubled up our home office as the theater space: a dark room with no direct sunlight, a motorized screen in the ceiling which for the most part was only used in the evenings.  I recently created a dedicated home theater/gaming space in a converted garage with a permanent big screen on the wall above an ultra-short throw projector. I share this as my feeble excuse for not thinking through how hard it would be to see a projected image in a room with East and West facing sliding doors to the outside that is full of light all day!

The DarkStar UST2 material did an excellent job rejecting ambient light even in the middle of the day | Photo Credit: ProjectorReviews.com

In discussing with Philip Jones, here at ProjectorReviews.com, what options I now had for at least a 120″ screen in this environment, he suggested I reach out to Elite Screens. They convinced me that either an Elite Screens Aeon CLR® 3 Series or an EPV Screens DarkStar UST 2 eFinity was the screen I needed to combat the sunlight.  Since Philip had already reviewed the Elite Screens Aeon CLR3, we thought it best that I try the EPV Screens 123″ DarkStar UST eFinity.

EPV Screens is a division of Elite Screens which is focused on the custom installation market. The team at EPV Screens graciously offered to provide me with a DarkStar UST 2 eFinity sample that I can utilize in the future for Laser TV product reviews.

DarkStar UST 2
DarkStar UST 2 material does a great job of rejecting 85% of ambient light while still delivering accurate colors.

The DarkStar UST 2 is a multi-layer optical screen material designed for tabletop-mounted ultra-short-throw projectors. Since this material is designed to only accept light coming from a specific angle below the screen it does an excellent job rejecting 85% of room light. When compared to a matte white screen, there is a notable improvement in black level and contrast in a room with ambient light. The DarkStar UST 2 is ISF certified for color accuracy which is important since I plan on using it while reviewing Laser TVs in the future.

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