Ambient Light Rejecting Series

DarkStar® eFinity

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The DarkStar® eFinity by EPV Screens represents the absolute pinnacle of ambient light rejecting technology. It features an internal-framework with the wraparound material that is better known as an EDGE FREE® design. It is a more aesthetically pleasing format and includes a sleek 9 mm frame bezel. The design blends seamlessly into any home décor. In addition to its design qualities, the eFinity’s EDGE FREE® configuration maximizes the viewing area in a smaller spatial footprint without compromising the screen’s structural integrity. An LED backlighting kit with Infrared remote control is included at no extra charge.

This series features our ISF-Certified and award winning, DarkStar® 9 front-projection Ambient Light Rejecting (ALR) material. The DarkStar® 9 is an advanced retro-reflective, multiple-layer, optical microfilter-based viewing surface that is capable of absorbing up to 90% of in-room ambient light. Its ISF Certification assures accurate color fidelity while providing the deepest blacks possible with an astonishing level of detail in a full 180-degree viewing angle.

Winner of the prestigious CTA “Mark of Excellence” 2016 Product of the Year Award and highly acclaimed by numerous industry video experts, the DarkStar® 9 eFinity sets a new benchmark in front projection screens.


Screen Material

  • Gain: 0.9
  • View Angle: 180° (90° ±LR)
  • Wide Viewing angle with full uniformity for superior on/off-axis viewing
  • Uniformity achieves no perceptable color shift, texture, bright spots, or dark corners
  • DarkStar® 9 material absorbs 95% of ambient light from above and below
  • Delivers precise color fidelity, black level and contrast improvement
  • Black-backing eliminates light penetration
  • 4K Ultra HD, Active 3D, and HDR Ready
  • Certified by the Imaging Science Foundation (ISF)

Design and Installation

  • Internal framework with wraparound tensioned projection material
  • Aluminum lightweight split-frame design
  • Sliding wall mount brackets to precisely center the installation
  • Ultra-thin 9 mm aluminum black bezel
  • LED edge backlighting kit included with Infrared (IR) remote for added visual appearance
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