EPV® Peregrine 4K In Award Winning Case Study

Dec 30, 2015

Custom Home Theater with Fiber Optic Star Ceiling, Sony 4K Projector, Dolby Atmos 7.2.4 Surround Sound, 2015 Salt Lake Parade of Homes, Salt Lake City, Utah

The 135”, 16:9, 4K Elite Prime Vision® screen from Elite Screens is an excellent match for the Sony 4K projector. The screen is also acoustically transparent, allowing the front 3 speakers, and 2 subwoofers to be mounted directly behind the screen. This type of commercial-theater speaker placement places the audio at the same level as the action on screen.

Award winning project linkhttp://www.tymhomes.com/project/tree-haven-homes-2015/

Installer Company Name:TYM Home Theaters & Smart Homes

Installer Link:www.tymhomes.com

Product: Peregrine A4K

 It’s always a pleasure for a brand to be front and center for a high-end installation but it really is an honor to hear known industry experts speak so highly of your product. Recently EPV® had their Peregrine A4K(acoustically transparent UHD) projector screen installed by TYM Smart Homes & Home Theaters of Sandy, Utah as part of an award-winning integrated home project. There are beautiful installations and then there is mind-blowing excellence that wins The People’s Choice Award at the 69th annual Salt Lake Parade of Homes. Please take a moment and check out the outstanding work that TYM did. It really is an honor to have our product chosen for such amazing work.