EPV® DarkStar® 9 Reviewed By Sound & Vision’s Michael Hamilton

DarkStar® 9 Reviewed

EPV® Screens is pleased to announce its latest review by Sound & Vision Magazine’s Michael Hamilton for its award-winning DarkStar® 9 retro-reflective ALR projection screen.

“Historically, ALR screens have been used when light levels aren’t easily harnessed or when partial illumination is desired, such as in dual-purpose areas with down-radiating light for reading. Increasingly, manufacturers are citing the enhanced contrast that ALR screens may provide compared with that of their white-reflective brethren, and they’re urging that ALR screens be used in dedicated home theaters, where judicious management of light has always been a priority” said Michael Hamilton.

“One company purveying a screen with these attributes is Elite Prime Vision®, the custom-installation and systems-integration division of Elite Screens. Responding to our request for an ALR screen, EPV® provided their DarkStar® 9 model in a 110-inch- diagonal configuration (DS110H-ISF). Newly certified by the Imaging Science Foundation, DarkStar® 9 is an active-filter, rigid and non retractable, optically based design, not an extruded colored vinyl or vinyl/appliqué hybrid. Will the technologies employed prevent color shift, maintain unity gain, and reject penalizing ambient light? And when the screen is used in a controlled-lighting situation, will it enhance the viewing experience as claimed? Let’s see whether our Ferrari will be white or gray.”

Read the full DarkStar® 9 Review by Sound & Vision Here

Please take a moment to read the review, visit the site, and watch the product videos. I look forward to speaking with you about our certified and award-winning product lines and how we may assist you with achieving your business goals through this year and many more to come.

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Jeff Klida, EPV® Screens VP of Sales