Polar Max Recessed

The Polar Max Recessed Series is an In-Ceiling projection screen that features a tensioned ambient/ceiling light rejecting (ALR/CLR®) material.

Polar Star® is an award winning, ISF-Certified front projection screen material that enhances picture brightness, color, contrast, and black/white levels for use in a bright or dark room.  The screen uses a tab-tensioning system to achieve optimal flatness with surface tension uniformity. A full IR and RF remote control kit is included along with a wireless 12-volt projector trigger. The retractable design provides a big screen performance without dedicating wall space to exclusively one purpose, enabling the viewer to enjoy greater versatility with a disappearing screen when not in use.… Read More

Marquee Tension

EPV Screens’ Marquee Tension is a motorized in-ceiling projection screen that is tab-tensioned for uniform flatness over the entire projection surface. This feature makes the material compatible with standard “long-throw”, short-throw and ultra-short-throw (UST) projectors.

The recessed, in-ceiling design allows for over/under room installation to be easily performed from within the room itself or from the ceiling space above. This accommodates the full variety of media room environments from basements to the upper floors. Each screen is equipped with standard Infrared and Radio Frequency receivers, remotes, a wireless 12-volt projector trigger, and a detachable keypad switch.… Read More

Tradeshows & Media

CEDIA 2021 EPV Screens® at CEDIA 2021 in Indianapolis, Indiana CEDIA 2021- EPV Screens® demos The DarkStar® Max UST Floor-Rising Projector Screen

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