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Fixed Frame Screens PolarStar® eFinity Edge-Free® Ambient Light Rejecting Screen Customer Testimonial Elite Prime Vision® DarkStar® Review EPV® Polar Star® eFinity Series … Read More

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Fixed Frame Screens AcousticPro 4K eFinity Assembly and Installation EPV Screens® with SONY’s 4K HDR Projector EPV® DarkStar® eFinity Assembly Video

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Fixed Frame Screens EPV Screens® Prime Vision ISF, Fixed Frame Projection Screen EPV Screens® Special Edition DarkStar® Product Video EPV Screens® AcousticPro … Read More

CEDIA 2017
CEDIA Expo 2018

  When: September 4-8, 2018 Where: San Diego, Ca Booth:  Booth# 1117 (10×20) Show Description: CEDIA is the leading global authority in the $14 billion … Read More

Prime Vision Grey

EPV Screens’ Prime Vision Grey is a fixed frame screen featuring our ChromaGrey front projection material. The screen surface is a matte gray color that enhances contrast levels in projected imagery. The Prime Vision Grey is a great match for dedicated home theaters in need of sharper black levels and more defined contrast. It has a split-frame 6 pc design in a 2.4″ wide hand-wrapped velvet covered aluminum frame. This design reduces shipping costs and allows installers to easily carry it through close quarters many job sites have.… Read More


EPV Screens®/Samsung The Premiere Promotion   For a limited time, save $600 when you purchase a select EPV Screens® CLR/ALR Ultra Short-Throw … Read More

AcousticPro 4K eFinity

EH home of the year 2015 Gold Winner

The AcousticPro 4K eFinity Series is an acoustically transparent EDGE FREE® fixed frame screen by EPV Screens. The ultra-thin bezel design reduces the overall footprint and maximizes the viewing area. It utilizes our award-winning AcousticPro 4K front projection material, which has a sheer weave design specifically crafted to improve both audio and visual performance. It reduces light loss while allowing sound to breathe through minimal attenuation. The tight angled perforations negate the formation of moiré effect which is typically encountered on most sound transparent screen materials. The AcousticPro 4K eFinity is the perfect compliment to a dedicated home theater when speakers need to be hidden behind the screen.

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Polar Star® Special Edition

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The Polar Star® Special Edition (SE) by EPV Screens is part of EPV’s high-performance product line-up of ambient light rejecting (ALR) fixed frame projector screens. Bordered in a soft plush hand-wrapped velvet aluminum frame designed to provide an elegant finish and absorb projector overshot. The Polar Star® SE is an extremely unique, and highly versatile, “four-screens-in-one” product. First, the Polar Star SE® is a world-class, high-contrast grey screen that greatly enhances color contrast and black levels. Second, its angular-reflective material enhances brightness while rejecting the washout effects of ambient light by 85%. Third, the Polar Star® SE is also ISF-Certified for its stunning, sparkle-free, 4K-capable performance in low-light environments while it eliminates the light scatter typical to regular matte white screens. Finally, because the surface material is polarized it’s also a reference-grade passive 3D screen. As the perfect “go-to” screen for any application, Polar Star SE® delivers maximum home-theater performance and unprecedented value.… Read More

Dark Star® Special Edition

The Special Edition DarkStar® by EPV Screens® provides reference grade video performance in either a dark room or rooms with high levels of interior lighting. Instead of the image washout common with typical matte-white projection screens, the SE DarkStar® blocks illumination from overhead or off-axis light sources for a bold, bright, crystal-clear image even in the most challenging spaces. When shown under optimal cinematic lighting conditions, the material lives up to its ISF certification by the world-renowned Imaging Science Foundation.

The projection surface is bordered by a 2.3” (59.4 mm) thick aluminum frame that is coated in hand-wrapped velvet. The DarkStar® 9 screen is a composite, multi-layer material designed to reject ambient light away from the viewer’s field of vision. This composite material eliminates the washout effect which destroys matte white imagery under bright room lighting conditions. The Dark Star® 9 material attaches to the frame using a spring and grommet construction that ensures perfect uniform flatness. In addition to absorbing overhead ceiling light, the DarkStar® 9’s black diffusion layer provides high-contrast performance to enhance color saturation, contrast and black level dynamic range.… Read More

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