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The Polar Star® is EPV®’s latest edition to its line of Ambient Light Rejecting projection screens. Polar Star® is a polarized, angular reflective, ambient-light-rejecting front projection screen for the Home Cinema and Commercial markets. It is also exceptional in its handling of Active and Passive 3D technologies.

The Polar Star® material offers superb brightness and contrast through a combination of its highly reflective surface and gray diffusion layered coating. This angular-reflective-screen material has a brightness of 1.3 gain and a 70° viewing angle. This makes it ideal for home cinema and commercial applications alike. The Silver-Gray protective surface coating is a reflective compound that is polarized to allow its use in active or passive 3D presentations while maintaining a 92% polarization retention.



  • Angular Reflective and Ambient Light Rejecting technology
  • Award winning Polar Star® material
  • 1.3 gain with 70° viewing angle
  • Superb color balance, no color shift
  • 4K Ultra HD, Active 3D, and HDR Ready
  • Available in diagonal sizes from 100″, 110″, 120″. 135″, and 150″ in 16:9 HDTV format
  • 3.5 frame width with velvet coating
  • Railing mount design allows slideable movement on the wall mounts to ensure the screen is properly centered
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty



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