PolarStar® eFinity EF110H-PST Customer Case study with David Levitt

Marketing people play their role in the everyday product boilerplate but sometimes it is best to just let a customer show how good the product is and narrate in their own words about how much they enjoy their EPV® Screen products.

“I absolutely love it…” said David Levitt of Concord, NC.  He filmed his home video of the screen in action while alternately panning around the room to show that all 6 of his recessed in-ceiling LED lamps running at full power.  “…All the lights in my room are on and this is a very bright, bright image” he said proudly while identifying the accompanying projector as a (1080P) Sony HW40ES.  “There is absolute beautiful picture quality with every light in my room on.”

He then turns down the lights and the true ISF-certified performance levels really came into play showing superb color temperature and the sharp clarity of award-winning contrast levels.  “Wow!  Bright, crisp, beautiful,… everything looks beautiful.”  David continued by citing his concerns about the PolarStar® material’s reputed brightness and then demonstrated that his fears were put to rest and even remarked how well it performed with the projector in economy mode.  “I was actually kind of worried because it is a light-rejecting screen and I have a light controlled room… that it would be too bright.”  He finished up his testimonial by stating how he enjoys the aesthetics of the EDGE FREE® design and how the multi color/mode LED backlighting kit seems to enhance the visual appeal of the presentation; which was something he was not expecting.

Project Information

  • Contact First Name: David Levitt
  • Location: Concord, NC
  • Installer: Stephen Lippert
  • Install Co.: Synergy Audio Visual Entertainment Solutions (Charlotte, NC)
  • Projector Make/Model: Sony VPL-HW40ES
  • Screen Make/Model: EPV Screens EF110H-PST
  • Application: Home Theater
  • Customer Screen Rating: Excellent
  • [Link to Youtube Video](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BTtvIFcMbRc)
  • Date Of Purchase: June 9, 2016